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Monday, April 29, 2013


I choose our baby products very carefully. Initially, it was because I wanted to keep baby healthy, and I have delicate skin, so I chose each brand very slowly, researching every chemical, and many reviews. Since baby has eczema, I am even more careful about what I put on her tender little skin. I am also vigilant about what she eats to keep citrus out of her way.


I was pretty excited to see this report on baby food, baby products and many others- ranked for a variety of categories- environment, health, social, etc. Check out this awesome report and see if you are choosing well for your baby and household- we are!


Baby food



Baby Shampoo




Baby sunscreen

Busy weekend!

Wow- what a busy weekend I had! I let Dad take over for a few hours Sunday morning, and I went to the AZ Women's Expo. I had a great deal from Living Social, and a free gift card for Living Social, so my ticket was free.. all I had to pay for was parking. Nice for a morning out!

I showed up right when it opened so it gave me a chance to see all the displays I really wanted to see before the crazy crowds came. I wanted to see Aveda, so I headed there first- good choice too! I got a free hand massage and scalp massage. They used a fantastic smelling had cream on me- stress-fix™ body lotion




If you have never had a treatment from Aveda, I highly suggest trying it. I get my hair cut at an Aveda salon, and I always get a scalp massage with my hair cut, and it is fabulous.


Next stop, I visited Scraps of Love-


 a local scrap booking type company that had a fantastic display of cards and products to make your scrap booking a delight. I saw they had a make it take on a pretty card for free! I saw they were using Copic markers.. I haven't used those before, so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. WOW- is all I can say. I have so many stamps that could benefit from coloring in, but I was afraid..the markers were awesome. Easy to use, easy to blend, and in about 10 seconds, I was in love! 


I googled them immediately to see where I could pick some up.. and saw the price.. oh holy moly... they are way out of my budget at the moment. I decided to try to find a cheaper alternative, and really, everyone has an opinion on this topic, and they all agree Copic is the best. I found one other idea that was much cheaper- using colored pencils and a solvent to duplicate the look of markers, without the cost. I have a huge box of colored pencils somewhere in this house- I will try this and report back.


So, onto the other attractions that interested me- alcohol sampling! No worries- the samples are so small you can not get inebriated. Tried some things I may buy. Will report on those as I buy them.


I spent a lot of time working through the teeth cleaning, weight loss products and cooking products... looking for something of interest. I have to admit, I did not see as much this year as I had other years. I recall seeing hospitals and health groups there, doing quick blood pressure, sugar tests etc. in the past. None of them this year. I also enjoyed the energy savings booths they used to have. None this time.. and I think the most missed booths were the food testing- we used to have grocery stores there, testing new products and handing out coupons galore. Sure the lines were long, but there was awesomeness to behold at the end! Usually the samples were full sized products, and I found a lot there that I ended up buying later..

I felt a little let down at the whole thing. I will probably not go again unless I get a good coupon deal for next time.. which is a bummer because the event

Friday, April 26, 2013

Rockabye Baby-- Led Zeppelin

I was lucky enough to have a family member give us a copy of Rockabye Baby-- Led Zeppelin before my daughter was born. Somehow it ended up in her cabinet of stuff, and we had not listened to it until now.. we missed out all this time. I am a huge Zep fan, and apparently, so is my daughter.
We turned on the cd and she went crazy! She started pointing.. dancing.. hooting... she loves music, but she is a bit particular about what she will boogie to, and this is it.. she kind of rocks back and forth, happy as a clam.

I am not sure she would sleep to this.. it seems to interest her too much. Every time we walk in the room with the cd player she points and shakes her rump to let me know she wants to hear it.. so cute.

I am looking at the Metallica and a few others.. for her of course.. yeah.. uh huh.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

V-8 Fruit Fusion juices

Since I have had my daughter, I have been relentlessly searching for a nice juice to replace the orange juice that I can no longer have because of her eczema. I read studies about apple juice and the contaminants.. I also find that apple juice is too sugary for me, and makes me sludgy. Grape juice wasn't cutting it. Cherry juice bores me after a week of it.. fruit punch always has some hidden citrus it seems...But I like a sweet drink now and then, and I keep searching.


I have finally discovered a nice juice product that I can drink that is free of high fructose corn syrup, weird fiber additives, sucralose and citrus. V-8 Fruit Fusions!  There was a sale at the grocery store and I had some coupons.. after reading the labels on the blueberry pomegranate and mango, I decided to try them.. ohhh the delights! They even claim to have a serving of fruit and veggies in each glass....




The Pomegranate Blueberry is just the right amount of sweet and tart. It goes down smooth and quenches the thirst. I add a lot of ice to it, as I find it can use just a slight dilution and still taste great-- and look at these ingredients-mmmmm.


'Pomegranate Blueberry contains the juice of 8 vegetables and fruits: sweet potatoes, purple carrots, tomatoes, carrots, apples, white grapes, pomegranates, blueberries"



The Peach mango is just as satisfying. Sometimes mango can be a little much in a juice- peaches too- but they really got this one right as well. With ice, it is a perfectly refreshing drink too. I can't believe there are vegetables in this!


"Peach Mango contains the juice of 8 vegetables and fruits: sweet potatoes, yellow tomatoes, yellow carrots, carrots, white grapes, oranges, peaches, mango puree."


There are apparently 7 different flavors available and I will be trying them all.. but since I bought 6 bottles of juice, it may take me a few days.. HA!



Please note- I did not receive any compensation or incentive to write this review. These ideas are my own, and express my love for a product!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Play time for those with little legs

In the hot dry climate we live in, it is sometimes hard to find a good outside place to play with a crawler who is really thinking about walking. I researched some indoor play places, but as it turns out, they cost money, and since I am actively seeking a full time outside the home job, they are not currently in the budget. Another issue, a lesser one, is that the play times for my daughter's age group always seems to overlap her nap time. Since she does not sleep through the night, we are NOT going to jeopardize this sacred nap time... so what to do?

I looked at pictures of what the gyms have to offer- balls, ramps, cushiony surfaces that are forgiving to the less agile walkers.. I quickly realized, that other than tons of other potentially germy little crawlers, I had a lot of what I needed already, to make an in house gym for baby.My limitation, is that we do not have carpet. Laminate is softer than the kitchen floor, but not by much.

I am not going to lie- it is not pretty... but my living room has been taken over entirely with this exercise.

What I had on hand:

1- A tunnel- it was a kids tunnel that we bought before having baby. We used it for our dog's agility training class.. she lost interest. It was in a pile on the floor somewhere. I grabbed it up.

2- Foam puzzley piece floor mats. I bought these for the baby's room, but we had not used them yet..

3- A big wool rug, already in place

4- A baby swimming pool with balls ( we were in the process of making a ball pit)

5- TONS of pillows. Big ones.

6- Couch cushions, love seat cushions, chair cushions, all washable in the event of ...ummm... fluids. I repurposed her Boppy.. she is too big to nurse on it now.

7- Misc. soft toys, and some not so soft, that we keep in a laundry basket for "tidiness"

8- A baby gate

9- A padded bench

10- A covered piece of furniture padding we used for tummy time

I laid out the foam floor tiles- they did not cover the whole floor, so I made do by making them as functional as possible in the areas where she was likely to tumble off of things. I used the bench as one makeshift gate. She can't climb over this yet.. so we are safe for now.

I made the best use of the wool rug to cover her areas.. I tossed in a blanket and that piece of foam padding to cover other areas.

I used the baby gate to corden off the tv, and a couple areas I did not want her wandering off to.

I tossed down the tunnel, the pool full of balls and piled up those couch cushions so they were safe but fun crawly-climbing areas.

Just add baby-- she LOVES her play area. The tunnel was a little scary at first, but I tossed a ball in there, and now she goes through that thing like it is the best thing ever. She throws balls in. She rolls on it.. she rolls rolls off the cushions and giggles. She is ecstatic to be in the space.

The downside- I am too lazy to take it apart every day. We have to scavenge the floor for cushions. I also have a dog in the area, and we have to watch where she walks to keep dirt down. Cleaning the area is a pain...but for the meantime- she loves it, and I have no plans for dis-assembly.

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An interesting fact list on breastfeeding



My daughter is a little over one year old. She decided to cut several teeth at once and it is making her into a baby that I do no even know is mine.. She has been gnawing on everything and anything she can get in her mouth. She has been drooling. She is grumpy!!!

I have worked out a few strategies to help her cope better.

1. Unlimited access to her favorite chew toys. I keep them everywhere. Even a paci makes her feel better sometimes.

2. We use Hylands teething gel for tough days. It lasts a little while and helps her keep her cool.

3. She takes Hylands chamomile tabs for infants. These are also helpful in a pinch, and she likes to take them out of my hand and put them in her mouth.

4. We use a washcloth with an ice cube tied in it. She likes to chew on this awhile and the washcloth keeps her fingers from freezing.

5. Last ditch effort, and for sleeping times- ibuprofen. There is nothing that works as well as this to let her get a few hours of sleep. I know it works, because after 4 hours, she is up and screaming again.

Poor baby.

What works for your LO?

Looking to do some product reviews

I have been itching to start doing some product reviews for items I have been using on my daughter.. some of my favorite products and brands so far:

Kickee Pants
Flip Diapers
Seventh Generation wipes

What are your faves?

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