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Sunday, November 29, 2015

500 Piece Bag of Building Bricks by Click n' Play

We love to play with Legos in our house, but I find the prices very high to have as many Legos as I remember having as a kid. I had tons!

I was pleased to get selected to review the   500 Piece Bag of Building Bricks by Click n' Play

I have tried some Lego alternatives before, and I have to admit I was very disappointed in them. I had high hopes for these bricks, and was not disappointed.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Que Heads Silicone Cooking & Grilling Gloves Review

Que Heads Silicone Cooking & Grilling Gloves Review

Candle Holder with Romantic Love Quote Review

Candle Holder with Romantic Love Quote Review

We are already pretty much done with Christmas shopping at our house, but I am still reviewing! 

I was very pleased to receive a Candle Holder with Romantic Love Quote from #kahndecor  this week. 

It is a perfect holder for a loved one, or for yourself really. It is a regular sized holder with a silver tone paint on the outside- with the quote "cut out" on the inside so you can read it while the candle is lit.

The quote is:

Love is just a word until someone gives it meaning"

It is really pretty! I put a tea light in it. With a toddler around I am nervous to do fire, but the electronic tealights look so good these days, they even flicker, so up on a table it looks like a real flame.

The candle holder came well packed in a nice box (perfect for gifting) and nestled in bubble wrap to protect it from breakage.

Overall, I am pretty happy with this candle holder. I will be happy to have it on my shelf to enjoy!

Thanks so much for letting us try the  Candle Holder with Romantic Love Quote.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What are the hazards of Teflon and Scotchguard?

What are the hazards of Teflon and Scotchguard?

Throughout our kid’s lives, we try to protect them from harm. We eat organic, buckle their car seats, we block access to electrical outlets and we pad edges of hard furniture so they are not harmed by it.

Hazards of teflon

My couch quilt- easy to use and washes nicely!

But we have forgotten a significant and unseen concern- chemicals in their environment. And by environment I mean their clothing, bedding, our carpet, paint and our very furniture. Most specifically I am talking about the hazards of Teflon.

What are the hazards of Teflon and Scotchguard?

Much of the carpet and furniture that is on the market contains stain fighters. Who wouldn’t want a couch that repelled Johnny’s blueberry mess? In order to provide a surface to repel stains, manufacturers use Teflon, Scotchguard, or other similar materials to coat the fibers of the furniture, carpet and even clothing. The material forms a layer of protection that keeps your fabrics relatively stain free.

But what are the long term effects of this material? When you put a stain fighter on a pair of pants, it is pretty useless if it doesn’t last through the lifetime of your usage. But consider that over time, this stain fighter is going to slowly wear off.. and where it goes, aside from the washer and dryer, is of course on your skin.

Since the skin is such a fantastic organ, it absorbs some chemicals readily. Teflon is one of them. When human blood and tissues are tested around the world, 98% of us have this material in us! Unborn children have had umbilical cords tested and the material even shows up there. (I don’t even know how they tested that.)

The chemicals are everywhere though. Not just in our fabrics. It is in cookware, microwave popcorn bags.. I won’t name everything, the list would be too long. Lawsuits are in process all over the place for health effects from kidney disease to high cholesterol in kids.

So what choices can we make to help lower our exposure to these materials?

 Here are 5 ways to reduce your exposure to Teflon:

  1. Buy clothing and fabric covered materials without stain fighters. It may be hard. It is also hard seeing your new sofa covered with blueberry sauce.. in our house we use a hand made washable quilt and place pee pads underneath- if something spills- we wash it and the couch is safe. It is also great to keep dog and cat hair off the couch.
  2. Purchase cook and bake ware that is not Teflon coated. I like the silver colored Calphalon cookware.
  3. Ditch the microwave popcorn- cook it in your regular cookware. It tastes better anyway, and you can add your own oils and seasonings.
  4. Replace carpets with a more organic based material- there are wool carpets and such available, but for our money- ceramic tile is the best value. It cleans easily, looks great and you can accessorize with any kind of rugs you like. Marble or other natural materials are great, but cost more and have fussier cleaning requirements (and we have it, so I know- toddlers and marble are a no.)
  5. Let manufacturers know that you don’t like their coatings. Let them know we don't like the hazards of Teflon. Don’t buy their products, and let them know why. An email, tweet or Facebook post can let them know that you do not want to be exposed to these materials.

There are still going to be exposures out in the world. Not everyone can make the kind of changes above overnight. But every small step has an effect against the hazards of teflon, even if it is unseen.

So don’t give up. Little by little we can reduce the exposure!

Here are a few links I used to spur my research:



Monday, October 26, 2015

Baby Supplies for the Zombie Apocalypse

Baby Supplies for the Zombie Apocalypse

Ok, ok. I maybe watch a little too much Walking Dead for my own good.. and as I sit there and watch everyone carrying Judith around, I have to wonder why they aren’t wearing her in a baby carrier.. then POOF one appeared this season. 


My back already feels better. SO my other musings lead me to the things that I would want to take with me if there was a zombie apocalypse.. or any other really.. or any day as it turns out.

 Baby Carrier

Of course a baby carrier is primary on my list every day. As an infant and as a toddler of 32 pounds, a baby carrier is something we still use and have gotten our money’s worth out of.

We purchased a BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier for our first carrier, and it was nice because it fit pregnant me, the large man of the house and it has been easy to use all this time. As the toddler grew and we switched from a front to a back carry, we found we wanted a little easier system.

I found an Infantino Union Ergonomic Carrier at a local Goodwill for $5 and was very pleased with its function as well. I don’t think I would have liked it as much for an infant, but for a tall skinny toddler, I can easily do a back carry, or still a front carry if I want to.

 The apocalyptical benefit

You can easily walk, run or otherwise with your kiddo on you and close. If they are in the front you can keep an eye on the little, and snuggle them when a zombie is at the door.

You can battle zombies while they are on your back.. ok- this may not be ideal, but you are not going to keep your kid in a stroller as the zombies invade! Baby Backpack What next?

Well, a good baby supply bag. I would suggest a back pack myself. Since I can still wear my toddler in front somewhat comfortably, I can still wear a backpack and carry her with arms free.

How do I know this?

Over the summer I took a plane trip with her and did just that. Yes, I wore her on the plane, a huge backpack full of her supplies and then I was able to push her car seat on a cart through the plane (sort of- I got as far as the seats and needed help because the seat was too wide to fit through the aisles.)

But you get the idea- I was mobile and hands free.

A great Backpack

The apocalyptical benefit

With a great back pack like this- SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack
I can stash my baby supplies for the apocalypse.

I am hands free and able to transport the needed supplies and the kid. Travelling, shopping, walking to the park.. I have everything I need in a backpack and baby carrier and feel pretty content. Does it add about 40 extra pounds to me? Yes.. but this is the apocalypse.. we can’t leave that much behind if we are gonna make it!

SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack

We always have a backpack ready to go for when we go out to shop, visit friends or whatever. It is a great bag because it has supplies we need for a day or 2 (minus a lot of food and water) and it really doubles as a go bag in the event of real trouble.

All we do is add a little more food. We keep a baby carrier in it too so we can carry the munchkin at any time, even if we have the stroller- we can dump it and go with her.

There is also a small diaper bag inside it ( a bug cosmetic bag) that has a few diapers and wipes and a disposable pad, so we can just take that for a quick diaper change somewhere.

So now that I have left you with some food for thought- tell me what you would put in your backpack?

What essentials would you need to keep you and baby safe on the road and probably on the run in an apocalypse?

What is in your go bag for baby?

What are your favorite baby supplies for the apocalypse?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ion Nutrition Meal Delivery Review and Giveaway

Ion Nutrition Meal Delivery Review and Giveaway

I was asked to review the Ion Nutrition Meal Delivery service and I was elated! I have had a lot of time away from blogging but I cannot refuse such a tempting offer.

What is Ion Nutrition?

In their own words-

"Organic, gluten free, chef prepared meals delivered weekly straight to your door!

Every meal is when you order.  IONutrition only uses natural ingredients, free range chicken, wild fish, and grass fed beef"

A real chef makes your food, and they meals are sent to you with regard to your allergies and dietary requirements. 

Charity Work

As I was poking through their website, I was pleased to see that it was a site with a heart. If you order through their charity links a certain amount is donated to the cause you pick. There are currently 2 listed the Breast Cancer Fund and Heal the Bay.

What was our experience with the food?

First- they delivered Fedex, in a styrofoam cooler packed in a cardboard box. There were 4 big blue ice packs enclosed, which I will be re-using for lunches and such. Hooray!  The cooler is meant to be disposed of as well, but MAN I wish I had had that when I cleaned out my old fridge/freezer this week. I did not have enough space.. lol

The food is meant to be placed in the fridge and heated up before eating. There are instructions for microwave, stove and oven. I am lazy and hungry, so I nuke everything. 

I did not specify any particular dietary needs, so I was sent a few "standard" choices. 

They have examples of their menus online.

I was sent 2 breakfast entrees and 3 meals. 

The first meal I dug into was the Dual Mushrooms & Garlic Yams with Cod. The nutritional profile was really great for me- a lot of protein and a decent amount of calories. Filling and healthy.

This is how it looked after I prepared it in the microwave. I was really impressed with the flavor of the cod. I am a bit of a fish snob, and it is hard to impress me, but this cod tasted SO good. It was buttery, light and flaky and full of flavor.

The yams were mixed in with mushrooms and I think kale. It was flavored with garlic as noted. I thought it would be an odd combo, but it really worked. It was completely satisfying. I thought the portion was about right for a healthy meal. To be honest- I could eat about 10 more pounds of that cod!

I have to admit, I have had a chia meal before to try and did not feel brave enough to even taste it.
I bribed the man of the house to try this, because I was afraid again. I just didn't know if the texture of the swollen chia was going to be good for me.

So the man of the house prepared it and sat down with his spoon.

He was prepared to make faces. He is super picky, not really a vegetable or fruit eater, but with my pleading he was willing to give it a go. 

He took a bite and then another. He decided that he wasn't in love with the texture on its own. He decided to try it on a cracker.


I decided to try it. If HE could eat it, I could too. It was sweetish, but not overly so. It was warm and pretty satisfying on a cracker. I think it was like a raspberry jam consistency but with berrys and blueberries added.

We somehow ended up having a little picnic in the kitchen with the toddler. We all had a grand old time dipping crackers into it and giggling. She also brought some "other snacks" to the party. Toddlers.. lol.
We decided that we could not sit and eat it with a spoon, but the cracker situation was a good one. For me- even without crackers, that would be a pretty carby meal at 44 grams. For most people it would probably be ok. 

For work I ate the chicken with eggplant at lunch. Everyone was asking what I was eating! It smelled wonderful. The chicken was very juicy. It had a little skin on it, which really kept the moisture in. It was sprinkled with pepper and good flavor. The rice and eggplant were also very flavorful and tender.

I really love the way the veggie portion of the meal had so many interesting things included- yams, the rice, the eggplant.. and a bunch of great spices. It was the right balance of protein and carbs for me and I was very satisfied after eating it.

The Strawberry Oatmeal was pretty darn yummy. I have to admit though, it was  a little more carby than I could do in the morning, so I added a sprinkle of almond flour on it to give it a little more protein. Worked out great, but anyone with normal morning blood sugar would be very pleased to eat this oatmeal. The cinnamon flavor really comes out and it smells delish.

I did not get a picture- I was too eager to chow down!

Finally, the last meal in my selection was the 2 bean chipotle with beef.

It was a really tasty meal. The textures were satisfying, and there was a lot of meat in the meal. I loved all the protein and the clever mix of flavors.

Overall, I was very pleased with all the choices that I was sent. There are tons of interesting recipes on their site so the menu is varied. Whether you like meat or the great veggie dishes, I am pretty sure you will find something you like. 

Thanks so much for letting me try the meals from  Ion Nutrition Meal Delivery service .

Want to try- 

"We have also set up a promo code where your followers will receive 15% off our meal plans (excludes 'A la Carte' menu) which is:BELLA"

Now it is time for 2 of you to win- enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dangers of Hidden Sucralose

Dangers of Hidden Sucralose

hidden splenda 
Dangers of Hidden Sucralose mammassafetycorner

My daughter has been sick several times over the past few months. On one of her bouts of something or other, Daddah bought the old standby Pedialyte to encourage hydration. I didn’t end up using it for a long time, but after a bout of vomiting last week, I really was concerned about fluids. At the time I was not aware I would have a run in with the dangers of hidden sucralose.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Non Convertible Baby Car Seats


Non Convertible Baby Car Seats

Car seat safety has got to be hands down the most important safety item that you can purchase for your baby. Children that are not strapped into a properly installed car seat are very likely to be injured in even the tiniest motor vehicle incidents.