Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Queen, A to Z Challenge

Today is brought to you by the letter Q. 

Lately I have been spending my evenings watching Netflix while the little one dozes off to sleep. I was hooked on the Borgias ( the Jeremy Irons version) and then when I finished that I tried the other version, and couldn't get into it. Next was The Tudors. 

I try pretty hard not to go look everything up historically, and since my English history is pretty weak, I was able to keep the mystery alive.. I knew Henry the 8th had a bazillion wives, and I kind of remember something about Anne Boleyn getting her head chopped but that was about it.

It made me really feel sad for the sad state of women in that time. Although we still have a long way to go as women, I feel pretty confident that MOST women that will be crowned a Queen these days will have very little risk of publicly having their head ending up in a royal basket. (now there are some conspiracy types that may dispute this, but work with me here..) 

I felt sad that the lack of male heirs was at least the partial downfall of these women. Clearly now we know that in fact the MALE is the one that contributes that little section of DNA, so blaming the woman is fruitless. ( there are still those that do but I doubt they will be beheaded for it either. Divorce is a thing now..)

Besides this bearing male heirs, their lives seem pretty dull. Sure they got better food and such compared to the average person, but they were stuck with the ladylike pursuits.. gossip.. drama.  It doesn't sound as glamorous as a Disney movie might have you think. The way they are portrayed in the Tudors, they didn't even get to care for their children. 

Now being the King.. that is a whole other post. Since we are past K, we may have to wait until next year.. lol.

Giveaway of Build-A-Bear $25 Gift Card

I don't know about you, but we love Build-a-Bears around here. My daughter has a few of them that were given out as promo items at a Phoenix Coyotes hockey game awhile back. They have little jerseys and a puck and are super cute. My daughter calls him Puck of course and it is very cute- I would love to add a few more to our collection of stuffed animals!


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Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend deals at One Kings Lane

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50% Off NHL Gear Today Only

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Well, my team is not in the playoffs, but that doesn't mean we can't all enjoy a coupon for some new NHL gear- check out the selection over at Reebok!

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P is for Press.. WordPress, A to Z Challenge

Ok- I fudged that one a little, but it is on my mind. I have been madly setting up my new blog over at and have been having a wild ride!

I have my own domain, courtesy of Bluehost and I am pretty pleased.

I have been pretty spoiled with Blogger. I will not lie, it is pretty easy to set up a quick and dirty blog that suits some needs, but for the long run, it seems Wordpress is the way to go. 

I have a lot more options there, and I will own my site and domain. I am thinking that I will be keeping this blog though, just for a bit to see if there are maybe 2 paths to go on at the same time. It can't hurt to diversify right? Plus we don't want to leave on her own do we? 

Of course I can just take the dog blog with me.. maybe I will. Lol.

So Wordpress- so many things to learn. SO many new plugins to use to enhance the reader's and my experience. I think I could spend days just playing and trying new stuff. 

Have you thought about ditching your blogspot or other freebie site for a fancy one? What was your experience?

Craftsy's BIG Easter Sale: Up to 75% Off !

Craftsy's BIG Easter Sale: Up to 75% Off !
**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

There is so much more hopping your way this weekend! Craftsy is giving up to 75% off of all fabric, yarn and project kits! This sale is only during Easter weekend (Friday 4/18 - Monday 4/21 at 11:59pm MDT), so be sure to jump on it quick or you will miss it.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Outside, A to Z Challenge

Living in Phoenix, we don't get to be outside for as much time as I would like. The sun is brutal, the heat is worse, and I am a wimp.

I also find the number of bees very disturbing at the moment. I swell up a bit when I am stung, and I am terrified that my daughter will be allergic too. At her age, it can be so deadly.

I am also terrified of the Africanized bees that are common at this time of year. They swarm in yards around here and will attack with little provocation. These attacks are rare, knock on wood, but who wants to be the ONE that happens?

In fact, they regularly swarm in a parking lot where I used to work. It would happen several times every year in the spring, and the bee man would just say- wait til they leave.. nothing to do.. blech. I always dreaded that the car would be mine..

At night, we have mosquitos. These I suspect are from the neighbor's pool. We have called the county several times over the years, but they seem to have little interest in eliminating the issue.

We will put up our baby pool in a few weeks, under the shade, but we will generally swim in the evening with citronella on. Smoky. Not that great, but better than bee attacks. It is also cooler.

Maybe someday we will live somewhere a little more outside friendly. I want my daughter to be a little treehugger too!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

ModCloth’s ‘Spring-Time to Shine’ Contest- win a $50 gift certificate

FTC Disclosure Statement: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Mid Century Fashion - Sleek It Out Dress in Cobalt

Are you picturing someone from Mad Men wearing this dress? I am. Feels like someone should throw a viewing party on a Sunday night, serve martinis and this dress will be in the house..or I will just stay home and drink martinis anyway.. I dunno.. either way- check out the offering below from Modcloth. They have got a great idea for you to share your fashion!

Share your spring style with ModCloth’s ‘Spring-Time to Shine’ Contest, and you could win a $50 gift certificate! 

Entering is simple -- just snap a photo of yourself in your freshest spring ensemble and upload to the Style Gallery

Outfits do not need to feature ModCloth (although it is encouraged!), and users can submit as many entries as their hearts desire. Two winners will be chosen and featured by ModCloth. 

This contest is open to both domestic and international applications through 1 pm PT on 4/28. 

Please see the blog for more details. Good luck!

Three things people say you might not need for a baby, but I disagree

There are millions of products on the market for babies. It can be maddening trying to decide what to buy, especially if you are on a budget.

Here are a few things that many people say you don't need. We found that we did, and we were glad we got them.

1. Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer

To this day, my daughter cringes when we change her diaper with something cold or room temperature. I do the bulk of my diaper changes near a sink with warm water, but back in the day, she was changed a lot in the bedroom and this was very important to keeping her calm during a diaper change. I don't like cold stuff on my lady bits, why would she?

2.BabyHawk Mei Tai Organic Baby Carrier, Black Floral Silhouette

I didn't know anything about babywearing before I took some classes at a birth center ( from my fabulous Doula.) We had no idea how important this was going to be for us. We wore our daughter quite a bit when she was an infant. She was fussy and wouldn't ever really sleep in a crib. She would always fall asleep in her Babyhawk. Even as a 2 year old she loves going "on back" with daddy. If you haven't tried one of these- do it. You will not be sorry! Ours goes to 40 pounds, so we have a long way to go.

3.HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket, Baby Blue, Large

When we first had the baby, she wouldn't really sleep anywhere but on us and in her car seat (not a suggested practice.) When we finally got her to sleep in a cosleeper around 6 months or so, it was always cold in the house. Putting on footed jammies and such is nice, but we found that another layer was needed. We found that these sleep sacks were the ticket. It is a wearable blanket. No risk of suffocating or tangling in blankets with these. Easy to get in and out of, and soft. They come in summer weights and winter weights and loads of colors.  We had several and loved them!

What are some things that you were told were unneeded that ended up saving your sanity?

Wordless Wednesday 4/16/14

Today's Wordless Wednesday is brought to you by a fabulous cake.

My man bakes all the cakes around here. He has grand ideas and shops for supplies and we are never without an inspirational cake for our family events.

We have cake pans for a few seasons- a cathedral for Christmas, a heart pan for Valentine's Day, skulls and pumpkins for Halloween, a bunny for Easter... but a toddler's birthday this year required a ship.

We COULD have purchased an expensive pan and made something, like this

Nordic Ware Pro Cast Pirate Ship Cake Pan

but instead, he came up with this idea, and it was fabulous.